12 Unseen Invisible things that Frames the Reality Of Our Existence

June 15, 2018
First Published On: June 15, 2018

This world is full of unseen invisible things you wouldn't believe which existed in the reality of our existence. Do you think that there are such things which we cannot understand and some see those things but we cannot? Well according to B. Stoker- It the fault of our science that it wants to explain all: and if it explains not, then it says there is nothing to explain.


If you have noticed then we cannot see sound, smell, feel, touch, gravity. However, we can see just a complete universe. As the world of much more interesting then we think, here we present 12 things that exist but aren't visible to the naked eyes.

12 Unseen Invisible things that Frame the Reality Of Our Existence

There are the things which we cannot see in the world and these things keep the door of our imagination open. And these imagination creates a search. If it is not found then we dig deeper and deeper.

12. The Entire Universe

Well, we just can see as far as nature has allowed us to see. And the universe cannot be seen by out naked eyes. We can see it with telescopes. The universe has been developing with time and the light from the galaxies has not yet had time to reach us.

CAPTION: The Entire Universe SOURCE: Tenor

Let's imagine, if you could suddenly freeze time everywhere in the universe, and magically survey all of creation, you would find galaxies extending out far beyond what we can see today. But how far, no one knows.

11. Quantum Particles

Quantum Particles exist on a subatomic level. They are smaller than atoms and only can be understood through electrostatic forces or magnetic.

CAPTION: Quantum Particles SOURCE: Docsity

10. Emotions

We just observe people's body reactions, can see the various expression on their face, but emotions are completely intangible. 

CAPTION: Emotions SOURCE: infoniac.ru

9. The Mind

We can observe the brain and its chemical reactions but the thoughts inside out brain are completely intangible. Our thoughts appeared only to us and are not being heard by anyone else.

CAPTION: The mind SOURCE: Buddha Weekly

8. Infrared

Infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It is the part of the EM spectrum that we encounter in our daily life. Although it is invisible, we can feel it as heat.

CAPTION: Infrared SOURCE: Science ABC

7. Gravity

Gravity can be measured, we cannot observe it.  Gravitation is tiny particles which carry the forces of gravity so it's one of the reasons that we have never seen them.

6. Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet lights can't reach to our eyes because the air absorbs it. They are vast amounts of the electromagnetic spectrum which are invisible to our naked eyes.

CAPTION: Ultraviolet Light SOURCE: www.livestrong.com

5. Air

Without being affected, light can travel through the air because molecules are spread out. The molecules in gases are so dispersed that they are not seen by the human eyes. It is also because no color is reflected and air molecules are sparsely distributed.

CAPTION: Air wave SOURCE: Shutterstock

4. Antimatter

We can't see antimatter because the human eyes because they are very small and have a single cell. If there were big chunks of antimatter then we definitely could see it.

CAPTION: Antimatter SOURCE: AboutIslam.net

3. Dark Matter

Dark matters emit no lights so they cannot be seen by our naked eyes. It even cannot be detected by any of the instruments. But is everywhere. It makes up about around 25% of the energy in the universe.

CAPTION: Dark Matter SOURCE: Wired

It is known as Dark matter because it does not seem to interact with regular matter and does not collide with it or absorb energy from it. 

2. Atoms

Atoms have an equal number of protons and electrons and they are much smaller than the wavelength of visible light. As atom measures from 0.1 to 0.5 nanometers across, humans can see an object which is about 0.04 millimeters at a normal distance.

CAPTION: Atoms SOURCE: GifImage.net

To see individual atoms, it takes a very expensive electron force microscope which clarifies that atoms cannot be seen in visible light. Atoms have not been seen with the human eyes but they can be indirectly observed. 

1. Radio Waves

We cannot see radio waves because they are a part of a larger group of waves which is also known as electromagnetic radiation. This large group of waves is broken into smaller groups is based on their frequencies and wavelengths. 

CAPTION: Radio Waves SOURCE: Steemit

For example, Light is the group of electromagnetic radiation which we can see with our eyes, whereas X-ray are a group from a higher frequency which is used to see inside us.