10 Reason Why You Should Buy Tesla Model 3

February 19, 2018
First Published On: February 19, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

Tesla Model 3 is the electric entry-level sedan from Tesla which is designed to achieve the highest security rating in every category as it achieves 220 miles of range and we have brought 10 reasons in detail that why you should buy a Tesla Model 3.


Tesla model 3 is a mid-size all-electric four-door sedan and within a week of the launch of Model 3, it has 93% bookings for the car. So here are 10 things in detail about the car (Tesla Model3) that you should know.

10 Reason Why You Should BuyTesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 was codenamed Tesla Bluster as per the business plan in 2007. The term Model 3, formerly stylized as "Model ?", was announced on Musk's via Twitter on 16th July 2016.

10. Tesla Model 3- Eye-catching design

Well, let us tell you that the Tesla Model 3 is not only affordable but it is also one of the best looking Sadan. As the interior is simple. It further includes 15-inch dashboard screen for all infotainment burdens.

[ CAPTION: Tesla Model 3- Eye-catching design ][ SOURCE: Car Magazine ]

There is no 2nd screen behind the steering wheel for the cluster of the instrument because it is barren in there. Though Chevrolet Bolt was the first electric car on the market, its competitor Telsa Model 3 is eye-catching as both interior and exterior design perfectly blends with the mood of the owner.

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9. Tesla Model 3- Two Variants

The Tesla Model 3 will be available in two variants. Talking about the entry-level of the car, it uses a standard battery pack, can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph (96 km/h), and reach a top speed of 130 mph supplies a driving range of 220-mile range. hour of charging from a 240-volt home station provides drivers 30 miles of range, but an hour with a supercharger increases that up to 130 miles.

[ CAPTION: Tesla Model 3- Two Variants ]
[ SOURCE: Autoweek ]

If you are looking for more range then you will have the option of a Model 3 with approximately 310 miles on tap, with a better battery. Before you reach at the top speed of 140 mph it reaches 60 from a standstill just in 5.1 seconds. The charging of 240-volt station provides 37 miles of range whereas the supercharging gets you 140 miles.

Here’s the specification of Tesla Model3


Standard Range

Long Range


220 mi (350 km)

310 mi (500 km)


5.6 second 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) time

5.1 second 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) time

Top speed

130 mph (210 km/h)

140 mph (225 km/h)

Battery capacity

50 kWh (180 MJ)[

75 kWh (270 MJ)

DC charging

130 miles (210 km) range available after 30 minutes[

170 miles (270 km) range available after 30 minutes

DC billing

Pay-per-use billing for Supercharging

AC charging

30 miles (48 km) range per hour (240V outlet, 32A)

37 miles (60 km) range per hour (240V outlet, 40A)


8. Tesla Model 3- Has more than 200 miles

Well, the current king of the heap is Tesla Model S- Model S P90D, which can attain 288 miles of driving on 1 charge. But it is said that the Model 3 will get at least of 200 miles of range, with the potential for over 300 for upper-tier models.

[ CAPTION: Tesla Model 3- Has more than 200 miles ]
[ SOURCE: The Verge ]

It is believed that there would be serious competition for the Model S with Model 3, within the company, in the near future it expects them to up their flagship sedan’s range even more.

7. Tesla Model 3- Can be ordered with Autopilot

Well, a $5,000 option allows to drive itself on the highways. It also includes changing from one freeway to extra, parking and departing. There also will be a fully autonomous, $3,000 option later on in the Model 3’s life cycle, and it will be issued via software update but let us tell you that you won’t be able to get it without having 1st Autopilot.

Youtube: Can Tesla Autopilot Handle a Highway Interchange?

6. Tesla Model 3- Mostly steel with some aluminum

The Tesla Model 3 is mostly built out of steel, with some aluminum. To accommodate Tesla Model 3 production, viewed as a brand new and big capability, the company planned to increase the size of the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.

[ CAPTION: Tesla Model 3- Mostly steel with some aluminum ]
[ SOURCE: IBTimes UK ]

5. Tesla Model 3- Competes with BMW3

We are pretty sure that the Tesla would love to claim that the Model 3 will have no different, but the fact remains that various buyers will buy this electric buzz bomb against the luxury options like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, and Lexus IS.

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However, the Model 3, offers one very obvious drawback or advantage it depending on how you think about it. Well, it’s no gas whatsoever. If you get stuck, you stuck, but it’s quite sure that you’ll never spend money at the pump again, especially not on premium fuel.

4. Tesla Model 3-  Charge station

The company, Tesla is the only automaker to have developed its own registered network of charging stations, dubbed Superchargers. The company said that it is in the process of growing the number of chargers in North America by 150% during 2017, to the total of nearly 6500 at the finish of the year.

[ CAPTION: Tesla Model 3-  Charge station ]
[ SOURCE: Electrek ]

You will have to pay incrementally by kilowatt-hour or by charging time or well it all depends on the state for the use of Tesla’s fastest Superchargers. If you use those standard versions you can recover 130 miles in 30 minutes.

3. Tesla Model 3- Phone as the Key

Tesla has taken away the traditional keys and now it is using a Bluetooth Low Energy connection, that the car authenticates its owner via smartphone, powers up and unlocks. If you don’t have a phone or its battery is dead then there’s a card that uses near-field-communications (NFC) technology. A tap of the card at the side pillar will lock or unlock the car.

Youtube: Tesla Model 3- Phone as the Key

2. Tesla Model 3- Highly demanded

As per the high demand for Model 3 in the market, Tesla announced its decision to advance its 500,000 total-unit build plan (combined for Model X, Model S, and Model 3) the year 2018, 2 years earlier than previously planned, in order to accelerate its target for Model 3 output.

[ CAPTION: Tesla Model 3- Highly demanded ]
[ SOURCE: Version Weekly ]

Due to the production hail and production bottlenecks, the date may be pushed back. It is informed that Tesla issued $2 billion to the stock market to finance the plan.

1. Tesla Model 3- Coolest car of the year 2017

One of the Car-design columnists, Robert Cumberford said that the Model 3 is an excellent design and praised the front fascia skin. He even thinks that superior to the black plastic simulated grille of the pre-refresh Model S. Motor Trend displays the nose as intriguing. 

Youtube: Tesla Model 3- Coolest car of the year

The Model 3 has been compared to the Ford Model T, for its limited set of options, namely range, its intends affordability as the volume-produced wheels and electric vehicle and exterior color of black costs extra.

The journalist of Automotive, Doug DeMuro also said that the Model 3’s better than the $2000 more inexpensive BMW 340i and that’s the reason of Model 3 being the "coolest car of the year”.