Who is Chuck Norris's current wife? Know about his married life and divorced wife

July 4, 2018
First Published On: December 4, 2016

We all know the famous Hollywood actor Chuck Norris who recently appeared in Expandables 2 and the actor who has shown his acting skills in around 40 movies is a much talked about actor in Hollywood. And in today's topic, we are going to discuss the personal life of this Hollywood bad boy who has been in and out of the married relationship once and has found another beautiful companion in his long walk of life.

So, if the above statement raises a lot of questions in your brain about who he married and how many children does he have from his two marriages then, we promise you that by the end of this article you will gain an overall view about the lifestyle of your favorite actor Chuck Norris.

Married to  Dianne Holechek

Chuck Norris married Dianne Holechek on 29th of December. The love story of this couple was way before Chuck entered the Hollywood stage. The couple has a Son named Mike Norris who was born in 1963. Mike is known for his role in the movie Birdie & Bogey.

What went wrong between Chuck and Dianne?

As Chuck grew famous as an actor he developed an affair with someone other than Dianne and even gave birth to an illegitimate child Dina Norris while he was wedded to Dianne.



So, his cheating was punished with a divorce action against Norris and the couple legally divorced in 1989. Though the case was crystal clear that Chuck was cheating but so far Chuch has not disclosed the actual reality behind the divorce from his side.




Re-Married to Gena O'Kelly

Chuck Norris  remained divorced and unmarried for eight long years and then he found Gena O'Kelly and married her in 1998. His second wife Gena O'Kelly is a former model and an actress  of nineties. In his biographical book Against all odds, Chuck has mentioned how he mate Gena. In page 196 he mentioned that he mate Gena in Dallas in 1997 while the actor was on a dinner date with someone else.

He wrote in his book 

I invited her to dinner that night ... I wanted to get to know Gena better, so I asked her to return to Dallas as soon as possible. She came back a couple of weeks later, and our friendship grew into a dating relationship. Before long I felt myself falling head over heels in love.

Chuck Norris From the book :Against all odds

Double the happiness

Chuck became a father of twins on 30thDecember 2001. He now has four children altogether. From his first married life, he became a father of two sons. On 30th of August 2001 he again invited twins in the family with his actress and model wife Gena O'Kelly.

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