"we don’t f**k around"- Canelo Alvarez to Gennady Golovkin

May 8, 2016
First Published On: May 8, 2016
by HitBerry

When Canelo Alvarez knocked out Amir Khan, he looked towards Gennady Golovkin and invited him to the ring.

“Like we say in Mexico, we don’t f**k around, I don’t fear anyone”, Alvarez said pointing at Golovkin. It seems he can’t to take it out with Golovkin.

The match between Amir Khan and Alvarez was an interesting one. Six round into the match and Alvarez’s punch edged through Khan’s momentarily exposed jaw leaving him senseless. Although he was not hurt that bad physically, his tears would not stop for his loss leaning on the shoulder of his trainer Virgil Hunter.

Prior to the match, Alvarez had stated that Golovkin does not deserve the right to fight him.

“I fight the best and I’ve never been afraid of anyone,” Alvarez stated.  “My record speaks for itself. Look at my last 10 opponents and compare them to Golovkin’s last 10 opponents and you’ll see. There is no reason to be afraid of him. If it was about just business or money, we would have done this fight already because a lot of people want to see it. He needs to work his way up, and earn his shot.”

The Kazakhstani professional boxer got his revenge where he stated that he had more respect Khan over Alvarez in the post-match interview. Check out this video by fighthub

Gennady GOlovin is one of the best of his generation. Pound for pound, he is enlisted in at least top 5 best boxer by many associations.  In the year 2013, he has also been titled Fighter of the Year. The most amazing feature about him would be the fact that he has never been knocked out ever in his career as an amateur or a professional boxer. That is why is he considered to be the boxer with the toughest chin.