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"The Good Wife" star Chris Noth big on fatherhood, wants to be a role model for his son Orion

August 10, 2015
First published on:August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

?Looks like Sex and The city star Chris Noth wants to be the ideal parent for his son Orion, aged seven. He has played some "bad boy" roles in his time but he says that he doesn't let his seven year old son, Orion watch all his movies.

The 60 year old actor, who recently portrayed Doctor Faustus in the Classic Stage Company production of the 16th century play, talked to Hello Magazine earlier this year. The interview focused on his movie, After the Ball and his personal life.

Talking about what he found appealing in the movie, Noth said," Most of my movies I don’t want Orion to see, and that includes some of the television stuff. This is just a great teenage and kids movie that has elements of a fairytale in a modern setting and also a modern sensibility."

When he was asked whether Orion understood his job, Noth replied," He’s getting a little bit of an inkling. I don’t go into it too much just because I don’t want him to be an actor(Laughs) Anything but. The world doesn’t need any more actors. I would love him to be focused on other things."

Despite of his stardom, it seems Noth doesn't want that life for his son Orion. Noth's wife Tara is also an actress, she appeared on Law and Order before Noth joined the show. The couple had Orion in 2008 and got married in 2012.

While Noth is a family man himself, his characters tend to be quite the opposite. He portrays Governor Peter Florrick on the hit CBS drama, The Good Wife (which was renewed for a seventh season earlier this year.) In the series, Noth's character is unfaithful to the series' protagonist Alicia Florrick.  

Talking about the show, Noth said, "It was put together so well at the very beginning and the subject matter was new and fresh. The cast was so great, headed by Julianna Margulies, and I felt that this was a really solid show and that it had legs."

Apart from his role on The Good Wife, Noth also played Carrie Bradshaw's love interest Mr. Big on the romantic sitcom Sex and The City. Talking about the rumors of a possible installment on the franchise, Noth said, "Sex and the City is over, man! Those are all rumors. None of us have heard anything to the contrary. I get that question a lot. That’s going nowhere."

He also talked about the show in another interview. He said to The Daily Beast, "We’re all getting a little older and we’re settled with kids and on to different things. SJ has a new show coming up on HBO so I don’t see how it would even be viable."

“I think we all feel like we did it, it’s done. There’s a better chance of Law and Order having a renaissance, and it doesn’t need one, believe me."

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