'The Flash' villain Tom Cavanagh at Comic Con, the actor has been married to wife Maureen Grise since 2004

HitBerryPublished on   22 Jul, 2015Updated on   23 May, 2021

There aren’t many things “awesomer” than superheroes. And when these superheroes are brought into a TV and given their own individual series, oh boy, nothing can get better.  After Arrow and Daredevil, it was turn for the Flash- one of the coolest, greatest superheroes of all time!!!!!! Those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, Flash (the red costumed guy with a thunder sign??) who is faster than Superman. Great huh?

The first season of the show was received greatly by fans all over the world. After the success of Arrow, the Flash managed to achieve the same stardom, if not better. And while Gustin Grant (Flash) was the star of the show, the thrill and anticipation was generated because of Tom Cavanagh, the anti-hero of the series. Tom Cavanagh portrayed the villainous yet gentle Reverse Flash. (Spoilers alert!) And he was awesome!! Under the disguise of Dr. Harrison Wells, he caused a great deal of trouble for Barry (Flash), his team, and the entirety of Central City. The actor was recently at Comic Con and yes, people were buzzing with questions regarding the second season of the show.

Sadly, the interviewers could not extract any news about the storyline for the coming season. Nonetheless, with Cavanagh still the antagonist, the second season looks promising. Standing at a height of 6 feet, the actor has also been involved in many other shows.

After gaining fame for his recurring role as Dog Boy in the show Providence, Cavanagh was cast as the protagonist in the NBC program Ed. He got a Golden Globe nomination and a TV Guide Award for his work on Ed, which ran for four seasons. Cavanagh first guest starred on the sitcom Scrubs  where he was cast as Dan Dorian. He returned for four more episodes in the next fours seasons. He took the role for one last time in Braff's final episode as a series regular.

He has also starred in the Lifetime Movie Network television miniseries The Capture Of The Green River Killer and filmed My Ex-Life, a comedy pilot for CBS about a divorced couple who remain friends. The pilot featured Lost actress Cynthia Watros as his ex-wife. In 2008, Cavanagh appeared in the short-lived ABC series, Eli Stone, playing the father of the title character and also starred in the Killer Amongst Us.

Now at the age of 51 (yeah shocking!), Cavanagh married Maureen Grise on the July of 2004. Maureen is a photo editor for Sports Illustrated. The two tied the knot in a Catholic ceremony on Nantucket, Massachusetts. The couple together has three children, a daughter and two sons. He and his wife seem to be a lovely couple, with a strong relation even after years of marriage. They are constantly seen posting photos on Instagram. And for those of us who cannot get more of Cavanagh- The Reverse Flash, you can follow him on Twitter. Yes, he just posted a backstage picture of season 2.