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'Suits' season 6- what's next for Rick Hoffman's character, Louis?

May 24, 2016
First published on:May 24, 2016
by John

Suits is an American legal drama television series created and written by Aaron Korsh. The series premiered on June 23, 2011, on the cable network USA, and is produced by Universal Cable.

Suits is set at a fictional law firm in New York City. It has been nominated for several award from 2012. It is the genre by legal drama and created by Aaron Korsh.

Now here is the fact about the actor in the show as Louis.

Louis(Rick Hoffman) talents as an attorney may rival Harvey’s, but his ego is in a league all its own. His ferocious knowledge of the law and his bullying nature have made him a valuable asset to Pearson Specter, as well as the scourge of the firm’s corps of associates. However, the political side of the job has always eluded Louis, a fact that was thrown into stark relief when Harvey beat him out for Senior Partner.

This season brought  Harvey and Louis back together. And the first thing next season is to get Harvey and Louis back on track...

"If you can imagine these characters in a sort of 'Breakfast Club' Scenario, there's some good hijinks," said actor Gabriel Macht. "It's kind of amazing," he said in the Interview.

 "I was really excited to see where it went because these guys always get out of everything, right? They're always winning, always just working their way out of the system, and their comeuppance has been interesting to see."

Season six picks up immediately following Patrik's plea deal, as he begins his two-year sentence for conspiracy to commit fraud. Having spared his colleagues at Pearson Specter Litt, Mike will face the harsh reality of prison life while Gabriel as Harvey, Jessica (Gina), Louis Rick, Donna asSarah, and Rachel (Meghan) deal with the fact that their once-bustling firm is now a ghost town.

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