'Skins' star Mike Bailey dating his former cast member? Who is this new girlfriend?

August 27, 2015
First Published On: August 27, 2015
by HitBerry

People often misjudge Skins actor Mike Bailey by his geeky look but many of them might not know that he is currently dating a hot girl. Mike possesses a very nerdy avatar, but that does not mean he is one. He knows how to rock, even with glasses. And rumor has it that this actor with glasses has won somebody’s heart.

Rumors are flying high that Mike aged 27 is currently dating one of his former cast members from the TV series Skins. Many sources have come forward with a claim that the English actor and singer from Bristol has hooked up with one of his female co-stars from his former show Skins. We are using the word female because there have been several talks about him in past few years about his sexuality. The actor’s fans and haters alike have claimed that he is gay. But they are wrong. He is in fact, straight. And if we believe in rumors, then he is dating someone right now – someone he knows pretty well from his days in the hit teen series Skins. So who might the lucky girl be?

The actor who has not appeared in movies or television lately was seen shirtless with a mystery girlfriend recently. At least that is what the sources said. They claim that the actor was seen walking hand in hand with a beautiful lady who was wearing denim shorts and white top. One of the informant also revealed that the girl resembled Larissa Wilson, the actress who portrayed the role of Jal Fazer in the first two seasons of Skins. The informant added that they recognized her from her darker skin. 26 year old Larissa Wilson has almost vanished from the media limelight since 2012 and her sudden appearance does not seem to click. It is not just Wilson who has been away from the television. Her alleged boyfriend Mike has also hardly appeared on any TV show since 2013.

So are the rumors true? Are Wilson and Bailey really into each other? Is it Larissa Wilson or somebody else? If they are indeed dating, will they get married? Will they become a husband and wife or just move on with the fling?

We think he might be dating Larissa Wilson. People have always judged him by his nerdy avatar, but that is because he has justified the character of Sid so well that he might be the living image of Sid. We are easily mistaken by his geeky look and spectacles. But never judge a book by its cover because what we always see or expect to see may not be the reality. If he is indeed dating Wilson or anyone else then he has our best wishes.