'Roy Keane would be fair as Celtic boss.' -Craig Gordon.

May 11, 2016
First Published On: May 11, 2016
by HitBerry

Scottish National Football player and current Celtic Goalkeeper Craig Gordon believes that Roy Keanes would be a great Celtic boss. He knows Roy Keane’s managerial style since his days in Sunderland.

"I know how he liked things to run at Sunderland and if he was appointed then I'm sure he would do well and would be successful”, said Gordon

"He's hard but fair. What you see is really is what you get," Gordon confessed.

Gordon stated that Roy Keane as a manager is same as when he was a player.

"...he was an aggressive player, he wanted to win every match and, from what I've seen, he is exactly the same as a manager."

Keane was appointed as an assistant manager for the Irish National team by manager Martin O’Neill. Roy Keane is currently an assistant manager in Aston Villa. Craig Gordon, however, thinks that he would do a better job as a manager for Celtic. With John Collins announcing that he will leave the club after the season, the post for the manager is open and Keane is every bit as likely to get it, assuming that he might be interested in it.

Although various names have been associated with the Scottish Giant, Gordon believes that Celtic is a proud club that anyone would love to be associated with. We agree.

"It's a big job for anybody. It's a big club, a massive club," said Gordon. "There are a lot of good managers out there that would see Celtic as being a really good job and a good prospect to go on and do something pretty special, winning trophies and playing in European competitions.

The former Manchester United Skipper and perhaps the most successful Irish player ever, Roy Keane might have a lot to offer as a manager for Celtic.