Richard Serra and his wife, Clara, who have been married for 35 years getting a divorce?

March 23, 2016
First published on:March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Nicknamed ‘Man of Steel,’  Richard Serra is widely known for his artistic large scale assembly of sheet metals. He is also a widely recognized painter and a sculptor. His art and design are considered flawless and impeccable.

Richard married fellow sculptor and painter Nancy Graves in 1965. They divorced in 1970. Then in 1981 Richard married Clare Weyergraf and they are together ever since. Since their marriage they have bought several apartments all over NYC and even have an 18th century farm house.

They have been married for 35 years now and they often travel around for Richard’s work. For them, it is always like a holiday. There are no news of them getting divorced from them. If any, it may just be rumors on the internet. They don’t seem too disturbed by it either. His wife is very supportive of him.

Born to a poor family, Richard mostly spent his time indoors. His mother was a Jewish and father, a Spanish. He was one of the 3 children. His father used to work in shipyard as a pipe lifter. Richard states that it was where the vision of future came to him. Just at the age of four, Richard knew his plan for future and pursued it with great dedication.

In fan pol Richard was listed in the one of the six greatest living artist which shows the testament to his talent. He appeared 3rd in this list. Similarly various magazines and internet sources has listed him as one of the most influential artist of his age and ever. His career rocketed in the 70s with controversial commission of $175,000 for one of his work Title Arc in 1981.

In one of the Interview Richard had stated that he greatly idolized Constantin Brancusi, Pablo Picasso, and Julio González and was greatly influenced by them. His works can be seen in various exhibition and are often the center of attraction for the people.

For his remarkable contribution, he has received many honors and awards. One such is Wilhem Lehmbruck Prize for Sculpture which he won in (1991). Some of his other awards includes Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture (1975), the Goslarer Kaiserring (1981). Richard was also invited to the White House as a recognition of his contribution and was received by Former President of United States Jimmy Carter himself. With numerous honors and recognition, he is one of the most valued person in the U.S.

Richard is active in social media like Twitter and often tweets to his followers regarding the social issues as well as other artistic stuffs. He has lot of fan followings who appreciated him for his miraculous art. He is serious about it work and is uncompromising in any aspects. Even great leaders, artists and politicians respects him for his work.

Richard Serra has not disclosed his net worth but is estimated to be in hundreds of millions of dollars.

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