'Revenge' actor Gabriel Mann to star in the series spinoff?? Also is he married with wife and kids??

August 21, 2015
First Published On: August 21, 2015
by HitBerry

The ABC thriller drama Revenge ended more than two months ago and the final episode of the series left all the fans sad but eager for some more action. The last episode of the show ended in such a way that there still seemed a chance of a spinoff with Gabriel Mann’s character Nolan Ross. It looked like the makers of the show were not that willing to leave without some brand new adventures with Nolan.

The finale of Revenge was filled with deaths as Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), the main antagonist was killed, Amanda/Emily’s father David died of natural causes. The death was followed a happy wedding between Amanda and Jack whereas our favorite Nolan was left alone feeling as if he didn’t have life outside of his “Revenge” activities with Emily. And as the newlywed couple left for their honeymoon, Nolan was confronted by a stranger in a bar who asked him for a help to free his mother, who he said was falsely convicted and imprisoned on charges of embezzlement. And it turned out that it was Amanda who told the man to seek help with Nolan. This of course led to the speculations about new spinoff series for Revenge featuring Nolan as the protagonist.

The episode and the hit series which ran for four seasons ended with Ross saying, “Well played Ems…..well played…”

After the series was closed, Gabriel took to Twitter to give a message to his fans: “Thanks for watching crying screaming laughing swearing swooning and making @revenge the ride of a lifetime X #8X8 ”

Right after the almost incomplete ending, the fans were expecting a spinoff for the series and many of the Nolan lovers wanted to see the sexy Gabriel Mann back as the billionaire computer hacker. And as per their expectations, the show runner Sunil Nayar has hinted that there might indeed be a Revenge spinoff very soon.

The upcoming ABC show "The Kingmakers" is being considered an unofficial "Revenge" spinoff series but according to the ABC’s Entertainment Group president Paul Lee, there is a high chance for a real "Revenge" extension show. But Sunil also cleared the fact that the last episode was not meant to make the audiences think about a spinoff.

"There was a thought about continuing it, yes," Nayar said while talking to TV Line.

So, now that the spinoff or extension show or whatever has been unofficially announced, all the Revenge fans can take a deep breath and wait for formal announcement to be made.

We’ve discussed enough about Nolan Ross now, so let’s talk about actor himself who brought life in Ross’ character. Gabriel Mann is extremely handsome and talented actor and besides the speculations about him being the lead character in the Revenge spinoff, there is something else that will surprise everyone. It has been rumored that the actor aged 43 has married his girlfriend who he had been dating for a long time.

Mann was rumored to be dating a secret girl whose identity was completely unknown to the media and now several sources have confirmed that our beloved computer hacker’s love has been hacked by a mystery woman who is now reportedly his wife. The actor who is currently enjoying the height of his career has not posted any pictures of wedding on Instagram or Twitter but as per insiders, the actor is definitely hitched.

If he has indeed tied the knot with someone then we wish the actor a happy married life and hope that he would be appearing in good movies in future.