'Real Housewives of New Jersey' stars Joe and Teresa Guidice sentenced to jail, Guidice couple charged with bankruptcy, mail, and wire fraud

July 3, 2015
First Published On: July 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Guidice and Teresa Guidice are sentenced to 41 months and 15 months in prison, respectively after entering a guilty plea to 41 counts of fraud. Reality star Teresa, 43, went behind bars on the 5th of January. Reportedly the couple met each other in high school and got married later.

The Guidice couple will be serving their sentences in different times so that one of them can look after their four daughters, 14-year-old Gia, 10-year-old Gabriela, 9-year-old Milania and 5-year-old Audriana. After she completes her sentence, Giuseppe will start serving his time in prison. According to earlier reports, even after completing her 15-month long sentence, Teresa’s gonna be on a 2-years-long supervised probation while Giuseppe will most probably be deported back to his native Italy. Previous reports from NorthJersey.com stated that they failed to pay $1.2 million of income tax.

In his interview to Daily Mail, Joe, 43, told about his wife’s prison life.  He told that Teresa has already made friends in prison. Apparently, they help her dye and style her hair, work out with her and even do her nails.

On the 29th of April this year, Joe was caught cheating on his wife, in her absence. While his wife Teresa is serving up her 15-months sentence in prison, he seemed to be enjoying a late night dinner with a hot brunette. Radar Online identified her as a Samary Graula, age 27, who works at a strip club bartender. He was caught on camera with the 27-year-old brunette at Seabra’s seafood restaurant in Newark, New Jersey. Joe wore a casual maroon t-shirt to his date, with his date wore a low-cut black top.

After a while, the pair were accompanied by a man and a woman who sat across the table.

It is also mentioned that Joe’s girlfriend not only mixes drinks at Breathless gentlemen’s club in Rahway but is also a part-time model.

An eyewitness that Joe, ‘looked to be having a good time, having a conversation and laughing,’ with his female companion that night.

With her mom serving her prison sentence and news of her father cheating on his mother with a brunette bartender, the eldest of Joe’s  daughter Gia seemed to be tweeted, 'I need a break from all this.. a new beginning,' 
'honestly hilarious how people go out of their way to make my family looks (sic) bad..#nicetryppl', she posted on her Twitter page, slamming all rumors about her father’s affairs.

She told Access Hollywood that Joe is an amazing job as a single parent. 'Like, he's honestly the rock. He's helping us so much,' were her exact words.

But turns out her dad isn’t that innocent. Even after that incident, photos of him with a 30-year-old nightclub performer, Jamie Jackson were published by Touch Weekly. Despite being married, this is the second time he was caught cheating. Looks like he wants to enjoy his time before going to jail!!