'Milkshake' singer Kelis has never actually made one.

HitBerryPublished on   24 May, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

"I don't think I've ever made a milkshake. I made a smoothie the other day that was really good -- protein powder, spinach, orange, and crushed ice with a little bit of honey and coconut water."

36 years old R&B singer says to British newspaper The Guardian.

Although ‘Milkshake’ is her biggest hit, she had never made the milkshake in her real life and has never even tried it. Instead, she prefers spinach smoothies.

Milkshake has made it to number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and to number one in the U.K.

Kelis kept her 2014 album "Food," featuring tracks titled "Breakfast,"Biscuits n' Gravy,"Jerk Ribs" and "Friday Fish Fry."

We can see her love for the food. She said about the album-

"We recorded in this big house and the kitchen was right next to the studio. Some of the time it was just stuff I wanted to be eating. Sometimes it was stuff we actually were eating or cooking. It's a celebration of food, really."