'Married At First Sight' star Jamie Otis defends the show after Season 2 star Jessica Castro files for restraining order against her husband

June 19, 2015
First Published On: June 19, 2015
by HitBerry


Married at First Sight’s Jamie Otis has defended the show, amid the controversies surrounding the show. The public started questioning the matching process involved after MAFS season 2 star Jessica Castro filed a restraining order against her husband Ryan DeNino. Recent reports have said that DeNino has a gambling problem and that he had been unfaithful to Castro. DeNino is said to have spent the Valentine’s Day with another woman. Castro’s Attorney told ABC news that DeNino threatened to kill her.

In an interview with People, Reality star Otis, defended the show saying:

"I truly believe MAFS works best when you want the help of the experts and are willing to admit your flaws, background, needs and wants right from the very beginning... It's taking a flawed soul who doesn't know how to be in a healthy relationship and transforming them into someone who learns how to be a wife/husband,"

Married at First Sight has not had a great success rate since its premiere in 2014. With all the couples of season 2 splitting up, the show doesn’t seem highly practical. However, the showrunners were of the view that they go through a rigorous process to select matches.

Some of the couples headed for split up while the show was on air, while some got divorced later after the show ended. However, Cortney Hendrix and her husband Jason Carrion and Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner remain to stay married.

As the couples prepare for their new TV show on FYI, Otis talked about what it was like on Married at first sight. She said her experience was different from how it was depicted in Season 2.

"MAFS wasn't presented to me the way it was presented to the second season," said Otis.

"It wasn't until final casting -- when I was in a room with all four of the experts and the producers -- that they kind of dropped a bomb on us. They told us that this 'love experiment' they're working on is indeed titled Married at First Sight and you will marry your scientifically compatible partner without knowing anything about him, not even his name."

A lot of participants quit the show after they learned how it worked but that wasn’t the case for Otis. "I wasn't having luck on my own, I knew I needed the help of someone -- anyone -- why not four experts?", said Otis.

"It truly just documents what happens and shows the couple's journey." Says Otis about her experience. "The drama that unfolds isn't 'edited' in the way we see reality TV these days. And I know because I've been on both types of shows,"

Otis and her husband Hehner do seem a lot in love, often sharing cute, lovey-dovey stuff all over twitter and Instagram.