"Little Women" star Elena Gant has twins with husband Preston Gant.

March 11, 2018
First published on:January 9, 2017
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Elena Gant is a Russian Model who is best known for her small height and generally called "Little Woman". She is also one of the several cast members portrayed on the show Little Women LA and successfully became the fan's favorite.


The way she posted her humor made many people attracted towards Elena Gant. Till the day, her biography and her personal information are most talked about. Talking about her relationship, she is married to Preston Gant and is living happily married life with twin children.

Elena Gant and Preston Gant

Elena and Preston fell in love at the first sight of seeing each other. The couple dated for only 6 months and decided to tie the knot. Just after knowing and understanding each other the couple married. Now, it's been around three years the couple is living together.

Talking about her husband Preston Gant, Preston is not a little person like Elena. He is a tall and handsome person with an amazing height of 6 ft 2 inches.

Even though there is huge height difference in between the couple, there was heart to heart connection which is the major reason for the stable of their marital relationship.

Elena Gant and Preston Gant

Elena Gant and Preston Gant Source: .realitytea

 Elena Gant and Preston Gant welcomed their Twins?

Yes, this is absolutely true; Elena and Preston are blessed with the twin boys. Elena is a little woman so she might have many health issues that made her pregnancy more complicated and even tougher than she had ever imagined. But there was no fear for her as she has a helping hand, her husband Preston.

Elena Gant Pregnancy shoot

Elena Gant Pregnancy Shoot  Source: starcasm

Elena Gant gave birth to twins boys in June 2016. The couple welcomed their twin boys who not only doubled their family size but also their happiness. She has shared her joys through posting the pics on Instagram.

Elena Gant and Preston Gant with their twin

The couple only knew that Elena is pregnant with twins after their first ultrasound. This made the couple very happy and also made Elena tensed about what now to do. Just because of her small height, the couple was very much worried. But the couple did not lose hope instead start preparing for their big day.

Elena Gant and Preston Gant with their twin

Elena Gant and Preston Gant with their twin Source: designntrend

Well, Elena is just 4 ft 4 inches tall which clearly reveals that her pregnancy was bound to be a complete package of a challenge for her. But she was always spotted leading positive attitude.

Constant support from her husband Preston who helped her to overcome the obstacle. Now, Elena is a healthy mother with two healthy children and is living happily with her loving husband Preston.

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