'Lion Whisperer' Kevin Richardson and wife Mandy getting a divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   17 Dec, 2015Updated on   17 Dec, 2015

'Lion Whisperer' Kevin Richardson has always been in love with lions and hyenas and he is not scared to openly show how deep his love for these wild creatures is. But it seems like his relationships with all these animals are hampering his marriage with his own wife Mandy. And there have been several rumors recently about the couple’s impending divorce. So, are they really getting a divorce? Let’s find out...

Over the past few months, rumors about Richardson and his wife separating and getting a divorce has been spreading far and wide. And there have been numerous speculations about the reason behind their alleged separation. Some believe that Kevin’s love for animals is the main reason behind their split. They say that the Lion Whisperer spends most of his time in the wild and away from his wife and children, which is the main reason behind their break-up. But we have a source, who is dismissing all these ‘ridiculous’ assumption by the media.

The insider, who claims to have close ties with the South African animal behaviorist, said that the couple was happy and much in love with each other and that all these divorce talks were just false gossip.

“I really can’t believe how easily people make things up about famous people, who they don’t even know up close. They think that they know everything about celebs when they actually don’t. I know for sure that Kevin and Mandy have not separated. They are still together and happier than ever. And the rumors you have been hearing about their ‘soon to be’ divorce are just rumors and nothing more,” said the informant.

The informant further stated: “I am also hearing that Kevin and Mandy are breaking up because of the former’s work commitment and his love for animals. But that is totally ridiculous. He is an animal behaviorist for God’s sake. Dealing with animals is his job and he loves to learn about them. And Mandy herself is the manager of the Lion Park and her husband. So how can people say that he is breaking up with his wife because of his passion for animals?”

So, after listening to our source, we can only say one thing, Richardson and his wife are not getting a divorce and they are doing just fine.

Richardson is quite popular for his extensive work as wildlife behaviorist and conservationist. He has been researching native animals of Africa for years.

He wife Mandy is a marketing manager of the Lion Park and also acts as Richardson’s manager. The couple had been dating for several years before getting married to each other. This former boyfriend and girlfriend duo have a son, Tyler, born in 2009, and a daughter, Jessica, born in July 2013.

His net worth remains undisclosed and you can follow him on Instagram through his official page ‘lionwhisperersa’.