Ken Follett and wife, Barbara Follett getting divorced?

March 16, 2016
First Published On: March 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Getting one of your books in the spot one position in the New York’s best seller list is a big deal but when it happens multiple times, the talent in use can be termed as ‘unfathomable’.

Folletts’ novels consists mainly of historical fiction. People argue that these are some of the hardest topics to write on but Ken Follett does this with such elegance that people cannot help enjoy the joy of reading. Various quotes from his novels often pops out in various movies.

Some of Ken Follett’s best sellers are Eye of the Needle, The Man from St. Petersburg, Whiteout, The Key to Rebecca, etc. Ken has received many accolades for this work and is regarded as one of the finest of his generation. His novels are inspirations to many of the current generation of authors. His books have sold more than 150 million copies worldwide which represents his fame and love for his books by the readers. Ken has won many honor and awards some of them including the prestigious Edgar Award and Mystery Writer of America.

Ken Follett got married to Mary Emma Ruth Elson at the age of 19 in 1968. After 17 years of marriage, they got divorced in 1985. Then, Follett married to Barbara Follett (who is seven years older than Ken) the same year and they have been together ever since. Follett has 5 children- 3 of whom are his step children born from Barbara’s previous marriage. Barbara was involved in politics in various sector and was Undersecretary of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Barbara and Ken started dating in 1984, which is one year prior before Ken got divorced from Mary. This illegitimate relationship between these two had caused Mary and Ken to separate and Ken and Barbara to reunite. They have been together for 31 years now.

With increasing publicity, there have been many hoaxes going around that Ken and Barbara are getting divorced. Although they are not accurate, it seems Ken is himself surprised of such rumors going around. He however has accepted the fact that rumors are not meant to be taken seriously and that Ken and his wife are perfectly happy together.

In 2009, when Barbara decided to settle down as Labor MP, there were news that it caused discomfort between her and Ken but it was nothing serious. There has been several instances like such but none so serious severe as to go to divorce. Ken has himself stated that they are not subject to divorce still with all these rumors popping out, it had made them feel discontent.

His net worth is estimated to be around $45 million. He likes to spend money on houses. Follet has an 18th century Victorian building in London, a beach house and vicarage and several other condos. According to, Ken Follet is currently 25th richest author in the world. His name often can be seen in Forbes highest paid author list.