Kathy Burke talks about why she has never been married, her films and more.

April 6, 2016
First published on:April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Kathy Burke who is widely regarded as one of the paramount actresses of her generation has recently shared about her career and her life choices. Out of which the most important ones being why she has not yet married?

Kathy hinted the reason she never really did find her Mr. Right could be because she was always understood love to have a different meaning than what the world derived. Her fantasies were always about actors whom she as a teenager clearly stood no chance whatsoever of getting married with.

As she grew with age the thought about marriage passed her by and she began focusing on the only thing she was deeply ,madly in love with acting, the stage and telling a story through visual interpretation.

Kathy as an actress acknowledged early on where she stood with her looks and her famous quote regarding this matter is “When you are called a character actress it’s because you are too ugly to be called a leading lady”.

Kathy has not married yet in her life and divorce does not fit the bill without marriage. Partners may have been there in her life however they have never really been given priority as Kathy wanted different things in life than a romantic tale of two love birds.

Kathy has been as diverse and volatile as an actress that her roles have been so dissimilar it is sometimes hard to imagine how one person could pull them off. She is known for portraying not only female but has also portrayed herself as a male character on screen and she was exceptional in it.

She’s played a battered wife and surprised the world and in her very own sitcom “Gimme Gimme Gimme” she showed why her talent is that of a master class level as she wrote and acted in it. She even went to the extent of playing a young horny male in the famous harry Enfield’s show.

She is a director, producer and an amazing individual. Kathy is a huge source of inspiration for many around the world. Especially because she being so talented still remains as ordinary as anybody. She comes from a troubled past and gives no importance to money. She has also accepted that she will not be getting some parts due to her looks which will definitely overlook her talent.

Kathy in her long illustrious hard fought career has been a part of over twenty different movies, films, and tv shows. Out of which her most note-worthy performances come from “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, “French and Saunders” and “Pan”. She was known to have taken a very long hiatus of over a decade from acting. She now has mentioned that she wants to concentrate on directing and might just be retiring from acting.

Her net worth is $3 million. 


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