'Jane the Virgin' star Yael Grobglas, age 31, at the height of her career; considering moving on to movies

November 30, 2015
First Published On: November 30, 2015

Actress Yale Groblas, over the past year, became a worldwide phenomenon through the TV show “Jane the Virgin”. She even earned herself not one but two golden globe nominations in the year 2014.  Yale also was voted #38 in the top 100 sexiest female celebrities of 2014.

Yale, who just made her breakthrough in the US via the show, has recently been showing interest in expanding her career to movies. Yale who, prior to moving to the US, was one of the most popular Israeli TV actresses and had accomplished great  things in her home country .

Yale is currently filming the second season of “Jane the Virgin” and has just completed production of the most anticipated TV show of the fall “Jeurzalem”. She has said that she has been approached for a few films, but those movies were not what she wanted to do.

Yale, who specializes in sci-fi genre, has said she is looking for work in this particular field, where her years of experience can help her accomplish more and make the most of the opportunity.

 She is also positive that she will soon be landing a major role in an undisclosed series that she has been approached for. She cannot confirm her participation because the producers are looking at other candidates too, but she is confident that she will be selected.

Yale hasn’t starred in any English language movies so far, but she has starred in many Israeli films. Her most notable work was the 2010 movie “Rabies”, which was selected for a number of film festivals around the world and even managed an entry into the popular American festival, Tribeca.

Yale, on a personal level, has had a pretty sober lifestyle. She has not been substantially linked to anybody in particular. Although earlier in 2012, she was rumored to be dating her co-star Baldoni. She, however, dispelled the rumors by publicly stating that “Justin isn’t my boyfriend”.

Yale, at 31 years of age, is in the prime of her career. She, naturally, wants to get involved more and accomplish much more than she has already done so far. Yale has also been one of the most sought after stars in the year 2014 and has featured in popular music videos.

Despite being the antagonist in the show “Jane the Virgin“, she has still managed to be the most loved character in the show, with many going on to say that she is the actress to watch out for in 2015.

Ever since her entry to the US a few year back, she has been gaining popularity at the speed of light. She is, at the moment, one of the most followed characters from the show. She is also the most discussed personality on social media.

Yale, who wasn’t at ease with social media at first, has recently been involved much more online and has now been communicating with her co-stars and fans through these mediums. She can be followed on Twitter @yalegrobglas and on Instagram as yalegrobglas.