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Jacinta Stapleton and her path to success.

April 14, 2016
First published on:April 14, 2016
by HitBerry

When Jacinta Stapleton appeared on March 2014 on the red carpet of the movie 300: Rise of the Empire in Melbourne, she left her prosthetic teeth at home. We are pretty sure that she didn’t forget it. We have to agree despite her no teeth looks she looked so hot that we never realized that her teeth were gone. She wore playsuit with green and purple floral prints.

Jacinta Stapleton is one of those masterpieces, whose beauty increase with age. Despite being 36, she still looks as young as ever. Her dressing sense is marvelous. She keeps her body in tone. As a result, a perfectly magnificent girl with perfect looks. Imagine what she must have looked like if I told you that she posed nude for Australian magazine Black+White. You would probably go searching around the net for it, won’t you?

Married to her longtime boyfriend Jarrod Sheehan, they are living a happy life. They don’t have any children yet. They got married on February 2012 St Joseph's Church in Warrnambool.

Prior marrying Jarrod there is no trace of her dating records. She might have had few affairs back in those time but there is no information on that.

For those people obsessed with her sexual orientation, she is straight and definitely not a lesbian, period!

Not only good in looks, she is fantastic when she is performing. One of her most promising work was in the Australian drama Neighbours as Amy Greenwood. She has also appeared in 2014 series Schapelle.

Jacinta made her first appearance just at the age of 8 in Boulevard of Broken Dreams. She had already landed the role in children series The Flying Doctors and Genie From Down Under while she was still in her school. After she finished her schooling she was invited to perform for around a month in the series Neighbours but her performance and the success of the show increased her tenure to three years.

She has appeared in many Australian movies like Romeo and Juliet, The Director and various TV shows like Beast master, Lost World and Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

After her success, he got a role in the series Stinger.For her supporting role in the series Stingers, she was nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting or Guest Role in a Television Drama or Comedy by Australian Film Institute.

Her net worth is still under review but we assume it to be around a million dollars. Although there are few indication of her net worth around the net, the figure is nowhere similar so we don’t which one is correct as there is heavy deviation among them.

More information regarding her bio and profession is available online. You can check it out on Wiki or IMDB.