'Glee' Actor Chord Overstreet bonds with co-star Nick Jonas, Glee stars spotted enjoying each other's company

Glee star Chord Overstreet was spotted with co-star Nick Jonas. The two were caught on camera, when they were out for dinner together on 25th of June; they were spotted at Craig’s restaurant. They then headed for an Ed Sheeran and Rixton’s concert which was being held at the Hollywood Bowl.

Nick wrote on Twitter about the concert later that day. His tweet read, “got to see my boy @edsheeran play to a sold out crowd at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. What an incredible musician. Performer. Artist,”

The actor joined the Glee cast in the second season of the show. He has also starred in movies like The Hole. After joining the star cast, he felt happy about not being bullied around by the crew. He said:

Luckily, they were all really cool and they’re all super sweet people and they were really nice to me. They could have been really big divas and really rude, but they were really cool and a blast to work with. They made me feel welcome.

Lucky enough to be dating two girlfriends from the show, in just a year!!

After the curtains fell for Glee, Chord, felt the need to keep busy with new projects. “I thought I would relax, but no, I kind of have to do stuff,” were his exact words while in a telephonic interview with Hello!. Chord was working on his debut album in his native Tennessee when the call took place.

The 6 feet tall actor is also a songwriter and plays the guitar too!! He started playing the instrument at the age of 10. He even started songwriting at the young age of 1. About this, he told Just Jared, “My dad’s been a songwriter since the beginning of time, for me. But he helped bring me along, encouraged me, and definitely made me into the writer I am today.”

“There are some songs that have taken me six months to finish. They’re are also songs I’ve written in an hour. It’s just different. The process, usually when I’m writing about myself, sometimes it will just come out of you and that’s one of the times you just have to… it’s just natural, it flows, and it just feels right,” he told the magazine about his writing process.

Even his name is very musical!! Not that it sounds musical but it is related to music. “I have four sisters and one brother – and I was the third one born. There are three notes in a chord, so that’s how I got that name. My dad’s in the music business, so he gave me a musical name,” he told Vanity Fair in an interview.

The actor not only kept himself busy with music but he also played golf!! And posted pictures of it on Instagram!! Great going Overstreet!!