'Ghost Whisperer' star and single mother Camryn Manheim talks about working with Malia Obama, her son and Weight loss Issues

HitBerryPublished on   08 Jul, 2015Updated on   17 May, 2021

Malia Obama has reportedly joined Lena Dunham’s Girls as an intern. Malia previously worked on the set of Extant, the mystery drama that starred Halle Berry. And looks like Halle’s co-star Camryn Manheim has all good things to say about Malia. Talking to Entertainment Tonight on June, the actress said, “I can tell you that [Malia] is graceful and lovely and just charming and delightful.... She's pretty remarkable”

"When you get hoisted into the spotlight like that, and you grow up under the scrutiny of everybody, and to come out being so charming and in charge of herself, with so much poise, it's beautiful," Said the Ghost Whisperer actress. "Any parent would look at her and be proud."

Manheim herself is a proud single mother of one. Her son, Milo is 14 years old. Milo’s father’s identity was and is a big mystery to the public.  In 2005, when Milo was just 4 years of age, rumors sparked, suggesting male model Jeffrey Brezovar was the father. The same year, Out magazine did a photoshoot with Brezovar. Earlier rumors suggested that Milo would be in the shoot as well. While Manheim was initially rumored to have agreed to the shoot, only Brezovar appeared in the magazine. In the published interview, neither Milo nor Manheim is mentioned and Brezovar only said that he was a sperm donor and that he provided sperm for a “celebrity mom.”

 The primetime Emmy award winning actress has dealt with weight issues for a long time. Her book, Wake Up, I’m Fat!  Also deals with the same issues. In 2007, just seven years after the book, Manheim was all over the news due to her dramatic weight loss. Rumors sparked, saying that she had gone through plastic surgery to achieve the weight. Camryn, however, denied the rumors, saying she lost all the weight through lifestyle change. She said, “it was really a change in lifestyle, wanting to have healthy food in the house so my son learned how to eat well.”

“It was a decision I made to give my son a better head start than I had.”

Manheim, who is of average height, expressed delight at not having to buy plus size clothing, “I can go into Old Navy and buy things!” However, she still believes in acceptance of oneself, she said, “I’m still a major proponent of accepting yourself as you are.”

Manheim describes herself as an activist. The 54 year old, who is most known for her TV shows, Person of Interest and Ghost Whisperer, is also a supporter of the YWCA ( Young Women’s Christian Association). In YWCA’s benefit Luncheon earlier in the summer, Manheim spoke about domestic violence. She called herself a fighter.

"The thing I love about being here at the YWCA is that it's women helping women. We are trying to get as many men on board, but it starts with the tribe of women saying, we really want our girls to feel powerful and strong," she said.

Manheim also starred in the 2013 movie, The Hot Flashes and guest starred as  Ellen Pierce, the owner of a dating service on the hit sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Manheim can be found on Twitter, however she is not very active.