ESPN's American sportscaster John Buccigross Net worth, Annual Salary, and Career

September 8, 2016
First published on:September 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Funny Sportscaster for ESPN John Buccigross is a well-known name of college hockey play by play commentator for ESPN. Buccigross  who has been successful as a sportscaster for ESPN and a columnist for has a very funny personality which is liked by people all over the world. He has earned some serious popularity as a sports anchor.

Best known for his work in some sports talk shows like NHL 2Night, Sports Center and Baseball Tonight. The dedicated anchor has earned fame as a sportscaster and is one of the oldest member working in ESPN today.

He has a tall body built of 6 foot and 6 inches which make people think that he may belong to the athletic community but Buccigross may have played all kinds of athletic games in his younger age at high school but he never did any sporting in his college. Buccigross  never disappoints his viewers because he always has a fun card in his pocket to offer to his fans.

Remember the Scyon's add for their new IM and IA model car, ESPN choose Buccigross rather than choosing any other sportsmen this shows his fame among fans.

Let's look at Buccigross's personal life and find out if he is able to enjoy the real American dream as a successful ESPN's host of the famous SOC. 

The salary paid to John should be heavy enough to get his eldest son Brett and daughter Malorie to get through their college education from the famous East consensus State University and pay for his youngest son Jack's college as well as golf lesson.

He is himself a very good golfer and has a very beautifully set up room in his home which is filled with Golf Gear and mat to practice golf shots.

Buccigross also runs a college hockey related charity organization, the organization basically sells Tshirts and caps with the #Buccyovertimechallange.  He is using his position well enough to sell the T-shirts and accessories well enough to the College Hockey lovers. The fund raised by selling associates are helping young college students to make a career in Hockey.

 The sports anchor drives a latest Scion xB and lives in the city of Indiana Pennsylvania USA in a 19th century's renovated mansion with his family. He also has a home which was his family's residence in Ohio.

His passion includes Golf, Music, and Hockey. He is a big fan of Backstreet Boys and Blink 182.  If Living means wearing expensive clothes being a golden member of a reputed Golf club a big mansion and a job in ESPN network he has it all.The major part of his earning includes salary from ESPN network. A very small part is contributed by the sales of accessories with #Buccyovertimechallange.Our sources confirm he takes home two hundred thousand dollars each year as his salary from The Sports news Network. John has appeared in only one commercial and it is not clear if he perceives a career in Advertisement industry so far.

John lives a simple life and it is all about his family and friends. Whatever he has earned over the years; he has tried to retain them either it is family, fans or friends. He still has the home in Ohio as well as in Indiana. Drives Scion xB and all of his children have a piece of an expensive car just like the John does. So, if we add all of it the amount gets pretty big.His home alone cost 10 million dollars and other home and car all together weigh 25 million dollars.


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