'Entourage' creator Doug Ellin will make a sequel to the movie, also got engaged to girlfriend Maddie Diehl

Entourage director Doug Ellin says he will make a sequel to Entourage.  Talking with Zap2it, Ellin said, "I don't have any thoughts on what it is yet, but the plan is to do another one."

Ellin (age 47) says Vince Chase, which is Adrian Grenier's character in the film is yet to experience more hardships in life.

"That's how life is. Everything seems great," He said. "That's especially how Hollywood is. Everything seems great, then it goes to s***."

Ellin also doesn't seem to understand the backlash the movie got. While the public loved the award winning TV show, critics had slammed the movie calling it "a teenager's fantasy come to life." Critics also said, "Hollywood fails in its transparent attempt to make itself likeable."

"People, especially critics, want to go 'what's the important reason behind this?'", Ellin said.

. "There is no important reason, this is supposed to be 90 minutes of fun."

"You're supposed to go to the theatre, forget about your day, have fun. And that's it."

"We're lucky that we get to do this. What you see on the screen is kind of how we feel when we're doing it."

Ellin also talked about how Entourage was a low budget film. He said, "People are judging this movie as though it's a $100m movie, when it's a $25m movie,"

 "We're a modestly budgeted studio movie. It's a wild ride and I tried to put all of that in the movie." Ellin continued.

"I don't want you to spend your time analysing it, I just want you to have a laugh," he said.

The movie, which was a box office hit also had a cameo appearance by Ellin's gorgeous fiancée, Maddie Diehl. She is amongst the party girls in the yacht in the opening scene of the movie.

Ellin and Diehl got engaged in December, 2014 after dating for three and a half years. Ellin uniquely proposed to his then girlfriend with the help of comedian Andrew Dice Clay. Clay interrupted his show at Hard Rock Hotel in Casino in Las Vegas to tell everyone about Doug, he said, “He [Doug] brought my entire career back with his hit show Entourage.”  

Clay called Ellin “one of the finest f--king guys I’ve met in my entire life.”

He then added, “At this moment, at this time, he wanted witnesses. Maddie, your boyfriend Doug Ellin wants to ask you right now in front of this crowd, will you be his wife?”

Diehl later posted a picture of herself and Ellin on Instagram and captioned it: "Happiest day of my life! I love you @mrdougellin #engaged "

Football Player and friend Russell Wilson congratulated the couple on their engagement via Twitter the next day.

Ellin was previously married to Melissa Dana Hecht, the former couple got divorced in 2009. Ellin and his ex-wife are parents to two children.