Do Tom Cochrane and his wife , Kathy have any children?

April 1, 2016
First Published On: April 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Being so secretive about his life, Tom Cochrane does not easily disclose much about his private life. But as for the various sources, it has been revealed that he had been dating Kathy Cochrane for some time. Eventually, they got married. Not much is known about their personal life. It seems people want to know if they have any children. From the sources in the web, it seems that they have two children- Evanne and Cody, both daughters.

Prior to Kathy, there are no records of Tom dating any girl. He might have had quite a few girlfriends, considering his looks. But, he has never been married or divorced before. Tom and his wife, Kathy seem to be in a perfect relationship with their children and they can't be happier. 

Having a strong desire to pursue his career, he was devoted from the start. While 10-year-old kids play with their toys, Tom sold his train set to buy his first guitar. This was the start of his career.

It is never easy to just pursue a career and be successful like that. Successful people have always faced hardship in their journey. In pursuing his career, he had to suffer some as well. Tom worked as a cab driver since his career in music at that time was not paying him well. He also had to work as a clerk in CIL paints and even worked packing meats.

The biggest testament to his talent would be his name being included in Canadian Walk of Fame in 2009. Tom has been awarded with eight Juno Awards for his band ‘Red Rider’. After being the lead singer and gaining mass popularity, Tom decided to go solo. From 1991, he released various single albums which was equally as popular.

Tom is now considered as one of the best Canadian singers. Some of his best-known work are ‘I wish you well’, ‘Life is a Highway’, ‘Big League’, ‘Boy inside a man’, etc.

Like many other singers, Tom often takes his songs on tour, especially over Canada, USA and over Europe. He has many fans around the world who waits eagerly for his performance at their turf. It seems he is going on Canada Tour this April.

Aside from singing, Tom has talent in other fields as well. His father was a pilot, and it seems that he had his father teach him. He has a license and likes to take his own private plane on a ride. He is also an avid golf and hockey fan.

His songs are available in YouTube for viewers and have significant subscribers. Tom is active in Twitter and has thousands of fans. He often tweets about his songs and his life for his followers.

As of late 2015, his net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.