'Desperate Housewives' star James Denton desperate to get his wife and children away from Hollywood.

September 1, 2015
First Published On: September 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Being in Hollywood has its own perks. But along with the fame and money, comes a whole baggage of unwanted attention. Privacy can be a major issue and James Denton knows all about it. So it seems he does not want to keep his family around such environment.

Yup, the 52 year old actor is saying goodbye to Hollywood and is planning to move away from LA. Perhaps his release from his work commitments made this decision easier for him. The last show of hit TV show Desperate Housewives was aired in May 2012.  

The actor had starred as a plumber and murderer, Mike Delfino, in the show Desperate Housewives where he was casted from the show' very beginning in October 2004.

In an interview with People.com, the actor expressed he was desperate to get his children out of Los Angeles after his eight-year run on ABC's Desperate Housewives.

He said, "I wanted to get my kids out of L.A. So we moved to Minnesota right away. I've also got a house in rural Montana, which is our escape from Minnesota!" He adds, "Our main house is in Minneapolis because my wife [Erin]'s family is there. And whenever we can, we head to the middle of nowhere in Montana; we live in a small town. It's quiet and peaceful, ideal for really connecting with my family."

James further says he has no regrets moving away from the culturally diverse, second-largest city in the US. "It was definitely the right decision for us. I only have one chance to be a good dad to them." He further tells that the family initially intended to move to Montana, but due to his wife's sister's ill health from breast cancer last year, they detoured to Minnesota instead.

Apparently James is a family man and enjoys hanging out with his kids. In the same interview with People, he says, "Just being able to be present for them is a huge blessing.It means so much to them when I'm around. It makes them more relaxed and confident to have their parents as active participants in their lives. It's a real luxury for me to be with them. They won't always want Dad around as they get older, but for now, they do. I want to make the most of it."

James is married to personal trainer Erin O'Brien since December 2002. The couple have an 11-year-old son Sheppard and daughter Malin, aged nine together.

He also had a lot to say about his acting career and future projects. He says, "Obviously, Desperate Housewives was for a more adult audience, but my last few projects have been a lot more family-friendly. I did Grace Unplugged, which was an unapologetic faith-based movie. And I'm working on a kids' movie now. I've done three or four projects in a row that I'm happy having my kids see."

James is now seen on TV on Saturday night in the romantic comedy 'Stranded In Paradise' on the Hallmark Channel. As for his family, we wish them best wishes for their future outside of Hollywood.