‘Chicago P.D.’ Season Finale Recap: Fate Of Alvin Olinsky's Plus What’s Next For Voight

May 10, 2018
First Published On: May 10, 2018

Recap: ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 5 final, the tragic fate of Alvin Olinsky revealed and why it needed to happen plus what’s next for Voight who seeks vengeance for the stabbing.


Last week on Chicago P.D. thing went out of control for Alvin Olinsky. He was arrested after the officer found his DNA on the body of Bingham which didn’t stop his ride-or-die partner Hank Voight from trying to prove his innocence.

Now Olinsky still in prison brings us to this week’s part “Homecoming.”

This is all about Alvin Olinsky Season 5 final of Chicago P.D. who met a heartbreaking ending in the starting few moments of the finale, revealing that he was stabbed inside prison and Olinsky (Elias Koteas) had kicked the bucket during surgery.

After watching Wednesday night episodes many complained that it was an unceremonious off-screen death but the reality is he is a dead man in the show now.

Then the news was quickly forwarded to the fuming Voight, who ended the episode seeking vengeance for the stabbing.

When the all intelligence Unite tracked down the man who wants his best friend AI dead. The man with his hand in the air was shot dead by Voight. And he reported that the man who raises his hands was trying to reach the gun that Voight never see.

The episode concluding scene Voight is seen pouring out a drink on Olinsky, apologizing and sobbing.