CBC's Evan Solomon fired after it was found out that he was taking a secret cut of art deals. Apparently him and his wife are big fans of Art.

April 5, 2016
First Published On: April 5, 2016
by HitBerry

CBC's Evan Solomon got fired after it was found out that he was taking a secret cut of art deals. Apparently he and his wife are big fans of Art

A thief??

You know this CBC journalist facilitates sales of art to wealthy Canadians. Among them, many buyers did not even have an idea Solomon was collecting a commission from them.

After that CBC decided to fire marquee host Solomon after one of them reported about him taking a secret commission related to art sales involving people he dealt with as a host.

 “I regret to inform you that CBC News has ended its relationship with Evan Solomon,”, said executive Jennifer McGuire right after the day when the investigation team found out about the truth. The news actually created a mess in the network’s goodwill but now that the culprit is fired, the fame might come back soon.

Solomon was found brokering the sale of paintings and the masks owned by a flamboyant Toronto-area art collector to rich and famous buyers. He at least in one case charged a commission that exceeded of $300,000 for several pieces of art.

Holy mother of god! That’s a lot of money. On the top of that he played so clean that buyers did not even know that they are paying extra, they thought Solomon was taking a fee for introducing buyers and sellers.

Hmmm… clever huh? And Solomon was thinking he was going to get away from it. Yikes!

After the investigation, it is found that Solomon is very good at using camouflage so as to hide his intentions. In an email correspondence between Solomon and one of the art collectors (Bruce Bailey), Solomon used code words to disguise the identity of each man to influence a deal.

After everything was revealed, can you believe what Solomon’s first statement as the defense was?

Well, he said without a single glimpse of regret, “I have never been involved in an art business and I have never sold any art to anyone.” Oh, my god! He seems to cross every limit of deceit.

After he was inquired further, Solomon said that he was involved but had not done anything wrong and he is not guilty of anything whatsoever. “I am no longer involved in the business. It is over.” he said.

However, one of the spokespeople of CBC shared that Solomon and his wife had always been an avid fan of an art world but he did not accept that Solomon would do something that disgraceful.

Well! No one would have expected something like that, as low some as being a thief from such a dignified personality. Solomon is a two-time Gemini Award winner.

Solomon was one of the highest paid personals in CBC. Now that he has got fired it is obvious that his salary and net worth must have gone down drastically.