"And the Joker of the day award goes to Tommy Wiseau", Watch him push Jared Leto away impersonating Heath Ledger's character beyond weirdness

The creator of the famous movie "The Room" Tommy Wiseau is supremely weird and weirdly funny. Well, we don't know if we can tag anyone as supremely weird but hopefully, Wiseau will take it as a compliment. There are levels of weirdness about this actor-director-producer-comedian Tommy Wiseau. No-one knows what he is trying to prove here but everyone knows he is as funny as hell!


Whenever he has been seen in front of the camera it's been a huge day. Adaptation of his movie "The Disaster Artist" played by James Franco as Tommy Wiseau further hyped Tommy and the movie went on to gain the Golden Globe! So, did ya'll miss Tommy Wiseau? Don't worry folks, here he comes with a tag line: What doesn't kill makes you strangers! 

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Mr. Wiseau mumbles some of the iconic Heath Ledger dialogues in the funniest way possible! Dressed like Joker, he gives us a weird funny side of Joker from some alternative universe that DC has yet to try! Well, but why in the name of seventh heaven did he took on the camera and made us laugh to death again?

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As per many, it's his Audition for the role of the Joker but we don't actually know if he is trying to force his way into DC overthrowing famous 30-Second-To-Mars vocalist and Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto or he has his eyes on the possible Joker Origin story reportedly casting Leonardo DiCaprio. 

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We warn these two Oscar-winning actors to make way for America's most liked actor Tommy Wiseau. We know they have the skills to make the thing look more real than ever but the real talent in making it look super plastic and get people to the theaters. We still don't know how will fans react to it? Or what is Wiseau's view on it, but we surely know that we have another Wiseau story to talk for over a month.