American Journalist Gloria Borger married her husband Lance Morgan. Know about their children

December 6, 2016
First published on:December 6, 2016
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Gloria Anne Borger; by profession, she is an American Journalist, a Pundit, and a Columnist. Borger is married to Lance Morgan for a long time now but appears as though their relationship is quite not working and they might head down with a divorce anytime soon.

They have two children together. Also, find out what went wrong with the couple.

Gloria Borger and Lance Morgans’ Married Life

Since the pair is too protective about their personal life, it’s hard to gather information regarding their marital status and so on. Though, by the looks of the considerable number of photos, they look kinda happy together.

However, rumors blew out on their ‘anytime soon’ divorce recently. So, they might sort of end up like all the celebrities in the world, you know. Too bad! But hey, it’s just a rumor and it might not be true as well. So, it’s all good, I suppose. 

Gloria Borger

Gloria Borger

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Lance Morgan and Gloria Borger.

Lance Morgan and Gloria Borger.

Their Children

Gloria and Lance have a son together named Evan Borger Morgan; he recently got married to Marry Anne Huntsman at Lake Lodge in Bigfork, Mont, daughter of Jon M. Huntsman Jr (One of the presidential candidates). They started dating back in 2013 and kinda waited for their relation to be official. By profession, he is one of the partners in a Washington investment firm called ‘Revolution Growth’. Hence, he is more of a finance guy. 

Marry Anne Huntsman and Evan Borger Morgan

Marry Anne Huntsman and Evan Borger Morgan

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Who is Gloria Borger?

Gloria Anne Borger was born on September 22nd, 1952, in New Rochelle, New York, United States of America. Currently, she resides with her husband, Lance; in Washington, D.C. She graduated from ‘Colgate University’. At present, she works for CNN; prior to this, Borger worked for CNBC and CBS News. So, she is a pretty hell of a woman, I must say. 

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Who is Lance Morgan?

Lance is a chief executive officer of an award-winning economic development corporation. And by profession, he is not less than his wife. He pretty much earns a lotta money, you know. Despite the fact that he is not all that popular as Gloria, I say he is one hell of a guy as well.

Lance Morgan and Gloria Borger,

Lance Morgan and Gloria Borger,

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