'American Dreams' star Brittany Snow pulled a jumbo prank on a bunch of customers

Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow decided to play with some customers. Being a brand spokesperson, Snow decided to prank the unsuspecting customers.

Snow played a sales girl disguising her product Clearly Sheer as Le Clair Sunscreen. Sounds uxorious right? The repurposed product was boxed in a fancy-looking package with a simple logo and pretty bottle. Snow, 30, described the product as luxurious and lightweight, and guaranteed that Le Clair, infused with “velvet and snow,” protected against “ultraviolet rays, sunlight and bears.

The customers kept on complimenting the product without realizing that the product was indeed disguised as she demonstrated the luxury feeling and quality of this "luxury" Le Clair Sunscreen. Acting as a salesperson she gave the customers some to try on and play with it. The reaction of the customers after the big reveal was priceless.

Why go through all that you ask? Well, it gives an important lesson that you must not judge the book by its cover.

Click here for the video.