American Actress Adrienne Barbeau married Billy Van Zandt divorcing John Carpenter in 1984

HitBerryPublished on   04 Dec, 2016Updated on   14 May, 2021

Can former husband and wife be best friends and someone who can share the stage? The answer is yes! In their exciting youth Adrienne Barbeau and the famous horror movie director John Carpenter was married and for some reason, they divorced each other in the long course of nearly five years of married life. But the actor-director combination still amazes people with what they deliver on screen.

After divorce with John Carpenter in 1984, she re-married another billboard play writer-actor and director Billy Van Zandt and gave birth to twin sons. So, on today's capsule, we want to take our readers even closer to the personal life of this Hollywood actress who was once considered as the queen of Screams and sex symbol in many Hollywood horror movies.

When did John Carpenter and Adrienne Barbeau marry?

The story of their wedding is very interesting, and takes place on the set of the famous movie Someone Is Watching Me, The director and actress had instantly developed a Paramore on seeing each other but there was a level of hesitation in Barbeau's mind as John was rumored to be seeing someone else, but they could not resist their eternal love by the end of the movie John called Adrienne for a dinner to discuss something and she thought it was about an upcoming movie.

But instead, it was a big proposal day John got on his knees and asked if she will hold his hands in sickness and health. And the story ended with them marrying each other in 1st January 1979. The couple has a beautiful daughter from their 4 years and 9 months long wedding.

Why did they Separate?

We have seen that the combination between writer and director has never lasted long? Maybe the industry of razzle dazzle is cursed for these two professionals. Well, John who is three years younger than Adrienne got divorced in 1984 because of some personal issues.

For the details of their invitation to the first son John Cody Carpenter, the relationship could not work out as John and Adrienne could not have any personal time and the romance suddenly died so they decided to take different turns in life and ended up getting a divorce.

Re-married to Billy Van Zandt

Moving on is the best option after a split, After Adrienne Barbeau was divorced with John Carpenter she again married Billy Van Zandt a broadway and TV director, actor who is busy with the stage acts and is totally a family guy. The couple mate each other in 1991 in the West Coast premiere of Billy directed play Drop Dead.

And one year later the couple decided to move a little forward in their relationship and on December 31, 1992, the couple married each other. Billy and Adrienne have two sons named  William and Walker who are twins.

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